"Nobody wants to read about two unhappy, underemployed single guys who spent a lot of time in bars"
- Jay Kenndy, Editor-In-Chief, King Features Syndicate

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October 6, 2003 Check it out! Necks! But don't worry, I'm not learning to draw and I have no plans to do so any time soon. Speaking of plans, plan to come back Sunday for Giant Size Have A Nice Thursday #1. It's four times as big and half as funny.

August 30, 2003 I've redesigned the site. Since no one can see this yet and it's entirely possible that I'll redesign the site again before anyone can, this was more or less just to keep me from dying of boredom. I think that when it is my time, though, I would like to die of boredom. It sounds fairly painless. Of course, it's possible that by then I will have developed an immunity to boredom and I'll end up just lying there, unable to die. I hope you're all adequately depressed now.

August 22, 2003 Wesley Willis died yesterday. If that means nothing to you, then you're not as cool as you think you are. On a happier note, today is the birthday of Carl Yastrzemski, the last man to win baseball's Triple Crown. It is also the birthday of my friend Phil. Phil throws like a girl.

August 11, 2003 Today marks the 715th relaunch of Have A Nice Thursday, which began as the follow-up to my second webcomic, Superstar Car Wash. Perhaps you're familiar with that one. It had Mr. T in it. He butt-raped a lot of people. Including my friend Brandon. Anyway, Have A Nice Thursday continued to evolve, both on and off line, until at some point it ended up being about a couple of round-headed guys named Gil and Rhesus. This version appeared in F5 until they ran out of money. Now it appears here.

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